CF98 2021 Chinese Model Now in Pakistan

Peshawar: In 2010, I bought my first CF98 for for Rs 26000. It was one of Pakistan’s most popular handguns at the time. Affordably priced, dependable, and attractive to the eye. It immediately gained a reputation among gun aficionados as a “does the job” handgun.
It had a manual decocker safety, a spinning barrel, a good trigger, a metal slide, a polymer frame, a decent double stack 15 round magazine, awful fixed sights, and a mediocre finish, yet it was quite popular due to its low price and dependability. Not only that, but it was also light enough to carry. Then, after the import prohibition, prices skyrocketed, and it sold for $130,000 or more. A CF98 small with a 7-round single-stack magazine was later launched that became a hit. Come 2021 the new model has-been launched which reached Pakistan few weeks ago. There isn’t much difference between the two except for the rather thick Magazine base plate and a slight curve in the grip. This will give a better grip and spruces up the looks. The gun is retailing at Rs 120k to 130k. Below are some of the images of latest CF98.

CF98 disassembled.


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